Protect WordPress from Spammers with FunCaptcha Plugin

If you run a WordPress based site, you will receive unwanted emails in the form of comments. You can protect your site to some extent using Akismet. However, you can add an extra layer of protection using FunCaptcha plugin. It works by showing a group of characters or numbers which your visitor need to input to enable them to send comments.

In order to install the plugin, you need to login to admin dashboard, navigate to Add New option located inside Plugins panel and search with the keyword – FunCaptcha. You can locate the plugin inside Plugins panel after installation.

To work with FunCaptcha, you should register for a public and private key from the official website. You should provide these keys inside the plugin page of the WordPress dashboard.


You can modify the settings as soon as you activated the plugin with the required keys. You can opt to show FunCaptcha plugin either in registration, login screen or comments section below each post.

The plugin also offers 4 themes which you can choose to display for your users.


Moreover, it is also possible to change the alignment of the plugin


In order to view FunCaptcha in action, you should log out from the admin dashboard and navigate to the comments section of a blog post. As soon as you provide a sample comment, FunCaptcha will appear on the screen.


It works by asking you to perform a simple action with the help of animation.


The comment will be submitted for moderation upon selecting Continue button.


FunCaptcha is an interesting plugin which enable you to prevent automated SPAM comments besides providing something new for your visitors rather than using traditional Captcha plugins.

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  1. Matthew Ford says:

    Hello Anand,

    Thanks for writing your article! Please note that larger sites can qualify for free customization to make FunCaptcha fit the site even more perfectly. See more at I I hope you put FunCaptcha on all your client’s sites!

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