Protect Email Addresses in Joomla

Email Protector is an extension that cloaks email addresses in your Joomla website, making them unreadable for spambots. Email Protector is a replacement for the Joomla! core email cloaking plugin. The core email cloaking plugin has a couple of issues and shortcomings. Email Protector solves these issues.

  1. Download Email Protector, here.
  2. Log into Joomla as an Administrator. Go to menu “Extensions -> Extension Manager”: 1
  3. Upload and install the plugin and the extension: 2 3
  4. Go to menu “Extensions -> Plugin Manager” and enable Email Protector Plugin: 4
  5. This is the section for edit. Here, you can edit: Mode, Display emails as, Protect in feeds and Protect in JavaScript: 5
  6. And this is it! Their email addresses are protected.

This concludes Protect email addresses in Joomla.

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