Product Return flow in Opencart

A major hurdle for new online stores is gaining a potential clients trust. Specifically, making the clients trust that they will be getting the product they actually ordered, and on time. If for whatever reason they won’t or can’t get the product they’ve ordered, they may want reassurance in the form of a money back guarantee. All these requirements leads to “Product Return” and “Product Refund” feature. Customers can return their products if they did not find exact product they are allowed to return their product and they are entitled to get new product or refund for product price.

Opencart has provided out of box feature to manage this product returns. If customer wants to return their product they have to follow these steps.

Step 1:

Login to their account and navigate to Orders list.


Step 2:

Go to order  which contains product you want to return. You will be able to see “Return” button available on order detail page.

Step 3:

Click on Return button which will lead you to page where you need to fill in all details related to product return.It contains fields like “Reasons for Return” fill in those information carefully as store owner need to have idea on why you want to return product.


Click on “Submit” and you are done. Once you generate request it will goes to store admin. They will follow up with your related to return. Sometimes they arrange reverse pickup as well.

setStatusOpencart admin can change status of order accordingly using Order management page as shown in above image. Normally this step is automated for bit stores as it is difficult to monitor thousands of order manually.

We have seen one of the crucial feature of online store which is one of the major factor to decide fortune of a store.

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