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Receiving spam attacks is very annoying, this is common in not properly protected Joomla websites. Navigating the Joomla extension directory I found SpambotCheck an extension that will help us prevent these annoying spam attacks. In this article I will show what is SpambotCheck and how to install to prevent spam in Joomla.

What is SpambotCheck?

SpambotCheck is an extension that contains a plugin and component to run:

  • Spambotcheck Plugin protects your website from spam attacks. It blocks registration and/or login of spam sources listed on respective provider services.
  • Spambotcheck Component allows you to view and edit data that was collected by the Spambotcheck Plugin and therefore helps to get an overview of spambots attacking your website. Please set plugin parameters accordingly.

How to install?

First, download SpambotCheck from the Joomla extension directory.

  • Features
    • SpambotCheck offers simple opt-in configuration.
    • SpambotCheck allows you to maintain your own personalized local listings.
    • Get an instant overview of spam attacks targeting your site.
    • Currently supported black list providers:,, and

Login as an Administrator. Go to menu “Extensions -> Manage”. Select the “Upload” tab and install the SpambotCheck extension:install extension Prevent spam in Joomla

After installation, this extension is ready for use. The plugin and component are active. In the top menu, click Components -> SpambotCheck. You will have access to all the features offered by this extension: menu component Prevent spam in Joomla

In this section, you can create lists of users, block users, trusted lists and filters. It is a very important tool for preventing attacks of spam: spambotcheck Prevent spam in Joomla

And that’s it! Prevent spam attacks is very important, if you have a website without the protection, it provides no security for their visitors.

This concludes Prevent spam in Joomla.

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