Prestashop 1.7 is in the works

Prestashop 1.7 is in the works. What should we expect? Should we, as developers, fear this new upcoming version? Will it be easier to develop for it?

A recent post on the Prestashop Development Blog announced Prestashop 1.7 is underway. It’s currently scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2016, with, apparently, plenty of new features.

Ok, tell me about my modules. Will they work?

Probably not. As this other article clearly states they are cutting down on retro-compatibility, so we are likely about to face a huge catastrophe for good part of our creations. Whether this means we’ll have to re-think the whole structure of our modules or not, is not clear yet.

They are also planning to remove all logic within templates, so modifiers will likely be completely removed. Therefore, if you are accustomed to using Cart::Whatever method, calling classes directly, or getting links within templates, you should start thinking of alternate ways to do it.

Not everything will be broken, of course, but do expect your creations to not work as-is on

Starter Theme

They are finally thinking of making a skeleton theme for us to use when developing new templates. No further information has been revealed yet, but it appears Prestashop 1.7 will have a standard Bootstrap-Based theme, and this skeleton one, which will also be Bootstrap-Free (rumor).

Here is a discussion about the Starter Theme for Prestashop on Gitter.

We want to make it easy for designers to create kick-ass themes!

We all hope we’re not about to be flooded with almost-just-starter Prestashop Templates.

“Clear Product Focus”

Given that merchants are still struggling with plenty of aspects of the product creation process, with Prestashop 1.7 they intend to focus on “the offer, the price and the service” , and make these the “core pillars” of the new creation flow.

What I expect (wish)

From a developer’s standpoint, I am really looking forward to the Starter Theme, especially to the version without bootstrap. Having the possibility to choose between different frameworks would also be nice, but might drive to an excessive lack of uniformity in the themes. I heard a rumor mentioning the team willing to drift away from Smarty as well, but you can imagine the disaster it would be for all of the current templates/modules.
My major concern remains retro-compatibility, and the degree of adjustment (my) current modules will need to work with the new version.
In terms of expectations, I hope Prestashop 1.7 will be at least PHP 7 ready; A stricter MVC would be welcomed too, as I found myself struggling when trying to guess where a piece of javascript came from, to find out it was even embedded in the controller.
It would be also great to finally have a complete developer documentation, much like the WordPress Codex, together with clear examples of all the helpers we have available.

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