Post-installation Messages for Joomla

Post-installation messages – This feature informs the site administrator about features that require your attention after the successful installation of extensions, components or something related to the Joomla performance. In this article I will explain how to access to “Post-installation messages” in Joomla.

First, Login as administrator: login Post-installation Messages for Joomla

After that, you will have access to the control panel, in the superior area displays a notification box, to see these messages, click go to the button “Review Messages”: control panel Post-installation Messages for Joomla

Also you can access to this information from the top menu, click Components -> Post-installation Messages: top menu Post-installation Messages for Joomla

In this section you will see different messages in your Joomla website. These messages shows notifications updates or warnings. Also on the right side you can see news about Joomla.


Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

And that’s it! This is a good tool for administrators. It helps manage a proper way our website. Good maintenance of a web site makes a secure website for users.

This concludes Post-installation Messages for Joomla.

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