Populate Elgg with Demo Data

Demo data is important to ensure your site is ready to go before going live. Usually you create user per user and start uploading content individually. This is good but takes time. HypeFaker is a useful extension for creating demo data for elgg networks. In this article I will explain how to populate Elgg sites with demo data for development, testing or preview purposes with hypeFaker.
1. Download hypeFaker for Elgg

2. Upload and install the plugin in the mod folder of your elgg installation. If you don’t know how to do it, read this article.

3. Sign into elgg as an Administrator. Go to the Administration Dashboard. Then go to menu “Configure -> Plugins” to activate the plugin uploaded:


4. To edit the settings, click on Develop -> Generate Demo Data.

edit plugin

5. Start generating the number of users:

generate data

successfully message

6. After that, you can create the following demo data:

• Generate friendships – create friendships between users, as well as friend-only and mixed access collections
• Generate groups – create groups with different accessibility, visibility and membership permissions
• Generate group membership – populate groups with members, membership requests and pending invitations
• Generate blogs – create blogs with different status and in different contexts
• Generate bookmarks – create bookmarks
• Generate files – create image files
• Generate pages – create page trees
• Generate wire posts – create wire threads
• Generate messages – create inbox and outbox messages

more optionsChoose the appropriate settings that you want to apply to your elgg network.

7. And that’s it! You have created content for test sites or demos.

populate site

This Concludes Populate Elgg with Demo Data

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Happy Hosting!

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