PHPMotion Helps you to Build Video Sharing Portal

PHPMotion is yet another video hosting script similar to that of ClipBucket. As of the time of this writing, CPanel control panel provided by Arvixe doesn’t include automatic installation of PHPMotion via Softaculous. Hence, you need to follow the below mentioned steps to complete the installation of PHPMotion.

(1) Download PHPMotion by providing your e-mail ID

(2) Upload the contents of the ZIP file to your server

(3) If you use CPanel, you can upload and directly extract the contents of the ZIP file from within the file manager. However, I would suggest you to upload the ZIP file using FileZilla and extract the contents of the file from CPanel.

(4) Once you extract the file from CPanel, you should connect to the server using FileZilla and move all the folders and files to either the root or to the installation folder.

(5) Alternatively, you should also create MySQL database, associated username and password from CPanel. Make sure to assign full permissions for your database user.

(6) After completing the above mentioned steps, you should navigate to /phpmotion/setup/ to view the installation wizard


(7) The wizard displays the status of various parameters available on the server as shown below.


If any of the options are not marked green you should contact your hosting provider. Otherwise, the script will not work properly. However, Arvixe continuously update their servers to make sure their clients get latest version of PHP.

(8) The next step will automatically provide required permissions to the folders and files. However, you should manually give permission to cgi-bin folder as displayed.

Figure_3_PHPMotionThe above step is not required if you host the site with Arvixe.

(9) The wizard will prompt you to provide the required database information.

Figure_4_PHPMotion(10) Finally, you should create administrator account and also update your email address, URL and other miscellaneous information


(11) If everything goes on well, you should view Setup Completed message with a link to the site admin page. However, you will view the admin page only if you delete /setup folder from the server.

The homepage of the default PHPmotion installation looks like as shown below


As you can see, PHPMotion installation is similar to that of other PHP scripts. In the next article, I will examine the steps required to upload a video.

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