Search Query in Alfresco Javascript

We have seen in previous post how to create webscript. The example which we have seen was very basic now as per the complex requirement s we need to use the complex queries in the Javascript file to fetch the desired results.

I am just explaining few use cases here.

Case I: Learn More

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Drupal API: drupal_http_request()

Often times 1 website needs to communicate with another service provider or simply fetch remote data periodically (such as via an AJAX button on an HTML form).

If you’re just coding vanilla PHP and your server has the required extension then PHP CuRL is your best friend. Learn More

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Manually Installing Themes and Add-Ons to Concrete5

As covered in a previous article, Concrete5 is exceptionally easy to add new features right from your website. Exceptionally easy is not always the best solution however.

For Instance: Learn More

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