An ocPortal Roundup

ocPortal LogoI thought it would be a good idea to have a semi regular round-up of news and other tutorials which aren’t a large enough subjects on their own to warrant a full post.

ocPortal version 9.08 and 9.0.9 Learn More

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Add the Category to Window Title When Watching a Video in Clip-Bucket v2


A few days ago, I was asked for a way of displaying the name of the category along with the video title in the <title></title> tags. Here’s the code so everyone can enjoy it! Tested under v2.6. Learn More

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Configure the Poke Module in PHPFox

This article will show you how to configure the Poke module for your PHPFox website.

The Poke module allows your members to send a “Poke” to other members, you can allow all users or just specific user groups to Poke other members or even just to poke their friends. You can also set it so that the Poke will show in the activity feed.

Showing Pokes in the Activity Feed Learn More

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