[WHMCS] Automated Package Upgrades

Occasionally you may find your clients outgrow their current hosting package and would need to upgrade. As always, there is a solution within WHMCS to automate the entire upgrade process so you don’t need to do anything!

Step 1: Create your packages Learn More

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Customizing Color on Concrete5

Sometimes after a lot of work on your Concrete5 website, you still get a feeling it isn’t looking… quite right. Maybe a different color scheme is what it needs.Stock C5 page Learn More

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What Can Tumblr Do for Your Traffic?

Tumblr is a wealth of traffic for those who have the patience to learn its behavior, recognize its trends and take advantage. However, you may have to adapt to things. First, Tumblr is heavily ridden with “borrowed” content. Simply put, it is a hotbed of people reposting pictures from private collections or from sites they visit. For examples sake, we’ll consider it to be the same as a tube site, but with pics and memes as the main content. Learn More

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