Accessing Web Mail using WebsitePanel

WebsitePanel provided by Arvixe includes two different web based dashboards for accessing WebsitePanel. While My Webmail is the recommended option, RoundCube is also available for those users who are not comfortable with My Webmail. In this article, I will discuss the usage of My Webmail.

(1) Access web based mailing system with http://mail.domain, where domain stands for your real registered domain name with extension (.com, .net, .org) Learn More

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10 Ways To Improve Website Google Rank

Now that it’s possible to create a website at relatively little cost, start-up companies as well as established businesses have an increasing number of competitors when selling their products and services online.

With this saturation of the market and Google pushing their organic search results further down the page in favor of their paid listings, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to be noticed online without paying Google for the privilege. Learn More

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Updating Your concrete5 Website and Add-Ons

Keeping your site updated with the most current releases is a good practice and a great habit to develop. Like most tasks, Concrete5 has made it extremely easy to update and, although it’s very reliable, I’d like to share with you some common sense steps to take whenever doing an upgrade. Enjoy the following screen-cast, and don’t hesitate to post questions.

Learn More

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