OxWall Newsfeed Fix to Show Correct Avatars

One thing I have never understood about the OxWall newsfeed system is the way liking and commenting seems to work. If I post a link it shows in the newsfeed that I posted it. If *Patricia* likes or comments the post then it changes the avatar from mine to hers. This sounds ok in theory but in reality it make it appear as if *Patrica* was the one who posted. See example in this picture.

So as you can see from above this almost takes all the attention off of the original poster and in the days of battling for social exposure that can cause a major issue.

Let us fix this. The line of code we will be working with is posted below the video.

The line of code we will be deleting or commenting out will be as follows: $shouldExtend = $this->displayType == NEWSFEED_CMP_Feed::DISPLAY_TYPE_ACTIVITY && $lastActivity !== null;

I hope you guys find this information useful. As always, make sure to check out Arvixe for the best hosting deals on the web and check out Oxwall Accessories for all your custom Oxwall needs!

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