ownCloud Day 3: Hosting Choice

It’s time to find out which hosting plan can better run ownCloud, and how to get a free domain by registering with Arvixe!

Getting a Free hosting for ownCloud with Arvixe

If you don’t have a hosting space yet where to install ownCloud, then your best choice is Arvixe. Why? Because it’s the only hosting service offering a completely free space to host owncloud in the US, at the time being. Therefore, you can get OwnCloud up and running without spending a single buck by following the next steps:

1. Reach the following page: http://www.arvixe.com/owncloud-trial and choose the subdomain you want to use.

Owncloud Day 3 - step 1

2. Add your credentials such as email and password

Owncloud Day 3 - step 2

At this point you only have to wait for the confirmation email. Once you get it, you can start using owncloud immediately, as it comes pre-installed in the space you just registered for!

The free space is limited to 1GB for obvious reasons. Therefore, if you need more space you can always get a regular hosting for only $3.25 per month, by registering here: Owncloud Hosting with Arvixe.

Owncloud Requirements

To run ownCloud, your web server must have the following installed:

PHP (>= 5.3.8 minimum, 5.4 or higher recommended)
PHP module ctype
PHP module dom
PHP module GD
PHP module iconv
PHP module JSON
PHP module libxml
PHP module mb multibyte
PHP module SimpleXML
PHP module zip
PHP module zlib

Database connectors (pick at least one):

PHP module sqlite (requires sqlite >= 3.0; simple configuration, but inferior performance)
PHP module mysql
PHP module pgsql (requires PostgreSQL >= 9.0)

Recommended packages:

PHP module curl (highly recommended, some functionality, e.g. http user authentication, depends on this)
PHP module fileinfo (highly recommended, enhances file analysis performance)
PHP module bz2 (recommended, required for extraction of apps)
PHP module intl (increases language translation performance)
PHP module mcrypt (increases file encryption performance)
PHP module openssl (required for accessing HTTPS resources)

Required for specific apps (if you use the mentioned app, you must install that package):

PHP module ldap (for ldap integration)
smbclient (for SMB storage)
PHP module ftp (for FTP storage)

Recommended for specific apps (optional):

PHP module exif (for image rotation in pictures app)

For enhanced performance (optional / select only one of the following):

PHP module apc
PHP module apcu
PHP module xcache

For preview generation (optional):

PHP module imagick
avconv or ffmpeg
OpenOffice or libreOffice

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