Overview of TomatoCart v2.0 Features

In 2012, especially late 2012, the TomatoCart core team have been working on maintaining and fixing the solution while concentrating on developing TomatoCart 2.0.

Features of TomatoCart 2.0, would include:

1. MVC framework, using the light weighted fast-running codeigniter.

Most of the ecommerce solution does not use any MVC framework. But a nice performance-oriented MVC framework is quite important for hosting level customers.

TomatoCart chooses ci because it has already supported a large community with numerous projects around the globe.

2. Core framework optimization

Beside ci, TomatoCart has also improved the framework to make it more flexible and extensible.

I personally like what WordPress does, how it does with upgrading and extension installation at admin panel.

We have been working on this feature, trying to make merchant admin panel directly link to application store and to support extension installation at admin panel.

3. Responsive Bootstrap framework

Bootstrap is developed by Twitter, a front-end responsive framework which supports both mobile and desktop browsers.

4. Extjs 4.0

We’ll upgrade the admin panel from Extjs 2.0 to Extjs 4.0, supporting multi-window operation and report extension.

Generally, TomatoCart 1. x focuses on features, enabling users to build full-featured ecommerce platform. TomatoCart 2.x will focus on framework, to enable developer extensions.

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