Order Printing Not Working in the TomatoCart Admin Panel

As soon as an order is made at store front, either pending or completed, TomatoCart makes a record at the admin panel, under Customers>Orders. For each order, there is a “Print Order” icon. Click it and a new tab/window pops up with order information such as shipping address, order date and ID, product name, quantity ordered, price, shipping fee and costs. Hovering on this page, you will see Adobe Reader toolbar rightly with the print icon.

What if you don’t see all the above? Have you ever run into the page with the URL:
http://demo.tomatocart.com/admin/pdf.php?module=orders&pdf=order&orders_id=8&token=c3321cfe5863875935279aa67ebe95f4 ?

Why? Why that page? Why not the printable page described above?

That is because the GD version installed on your web server doesn’t support the imagecreatetruecolor function. This results in the fatal error and disables printing.

Here comes the solution.

1. Go to ext/tcpdf/tcpdf.php in the root directory, in which all tomatocart files are located on your web server.

2. Find the following code in tcpdf.php:
$imgplain = imagecreatetruecolor($wpx, $hpx);

3. Replace the code with:
$imgplain = imagecreate($wpx, $hpx);

Have you ever failed in printing orders at TomatoCart’s admin panel? If you were/are having the same problem, just give this solution a try!

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