Optimizing Your ASP Application

You can apply certain rules to web.config that will help optimizing your ASP.NET website and making it load faster. In this article I will show you some tricks on how to give a little boost to your ASP Application

Removing Unused Modules

There are some HTTP modules that most of the times you don’t need, and by removing them you will decrease some server load. These are some of the modules that you can safely remove:

http modules

Removing HTTP Headers

Headers contain sensitive information about the server and software use. Also, on each response headers are being sent. By removing them you will be saving bandwidth and keeping your application secured:

header asp net app

HTTP Compression

This provides a faster transmission time between the server and client browsers that can accept compressed files. You can compress dynamic .aspx pages, stylesheets or script files. It is very simple to do, just add this line in the web.config file to activate HTTP Compression:

HTTP compression

These tricks will make your application load faster. If you have questions about them, please drop a comment.

This concludes Optimizing your ASP Application

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Happy Hosting!

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