Optimizing your ASP Application with IIS Manager

The IIS manager has a module that allows you to easily manage the code configuration of your application without editing any file. This tool lets you change some code behavior that will improve the speed of your application. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to optimize your ASP.NET application with IIS Manager.

1. Connect to your site with IIS Manager:

iis manager connecting server account

2. Go to menu “ASP.NET -> .NET Compilation”:

dotnet compilation iis manager arvixe

3. In the .NET Compilation configuration page, we are going to change some settings. The first setting that we will change is “Batch Compilations“. This setting is used to control whether the initial page request will continue to compile additional files in the same directory before completing the original request, and we don’t want that. This is set “True” by default and we are going to change it to “False“:

batch compilations false iis manager arvixe

4. On the behavior section, “Debug” is set “True” by default, and this is really bad, because your application will not be fully optimized, the quantity of “Temporary Files” folders will increase daily, and worst of all, each time someone load your application, all client-javascript libraries and static images will be downloaded on every page view request, slowing down your application and adding unnecessary load on our servers. Set this to “False” always:

debug false iis manager asp arvixe

5. Apply the changes and that’s it! Your ASP application will be optimized

This concludes Optimizing your Application with IIS Manager

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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