Optimizing space usage and identifying dormant files

This tutorial describes the basics of optimizing your space usage on your account, and identifying which files are being accessed frequently (and which are not) to better manage your website.

The control panel provides 2 very useful tools which we will discuss here:

1)Disk space usage tool

Click on the icon in the picture below to enter the tool.

Now the following screen will appear. It shows the subfolders under your main account and shows their space usage respective to the overall usage. In my example, one folder (public_html) is consuming most of the space.

To expand more on the content of this folder, scroll down to view detailed space reports of all subfolders. You can click on the plus sign to keep expanding and viewing subfolders until you identify huge folders.

2) The second tool to help identifying whether a certain file is being frequently accessed on your website and therefore whether it is work keeping on your account or removal, is the AWstats tool.

Click on the tool icon and select the site you wish to view stats for. Once you are logged in, you will see a rich page with all types of statistics related to your site. Scroll down to the section “Pages-URL”. This should display the most frequently accessed files on your website as well as the average download size of each file.

It is worthy to note that this tool is also helpful in analyzing your bandwidth usage and identifying its major components.

If you need further assistance in this regard or have any inquiries, please contact our support team.

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