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So here we go! We’re going to talk about some of the key differences between Opencart and Magento. This has been an ongoing debate for a VERY long time so I figured we’d just expound on a few key pointers before you choose which you would like.


I’ve been developing applications with Opencart for many years and have really enjoyed using the framework. The core is an MVC-L MODEL VIEW CONTROL LANGUAGE. It is very light weight and easy to understand. For the novice even you would not have much trouble picking it up and customizing it. Because it is so LIGHT WEIGHT it will have much faster load times for the majority of your opencart store use however a lot of this also depends upon your server specification and traffic as well. On a whole there have always been many complaints about people signing up on shared hosting and not being able to use Magento because it lags so badly. However, on opencart this is not true. Opencart is optimized to give you decent performance on Shared hosting from the start. While we don’t recommend Shared hosting for serious ecommerce users we also know that budget is a real thing.


The customer support that flows day in and day out with Opencart is amazing. I myself spend hours on the forums helping people. The forums are chalk full of articles and people that are always willing to help and if you need a developer to do something custom they even have a section for this! Magento on the other hand is not as helpful in my opinion and will take longer to get questions answered.


Magento really doesn’t have a great hosting company like arvixe that is already optimized to fit the Magento framework. Opencart does. Arvixe is by far the best choice if you are starting out a store and want the best optimization possible.

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