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Earlier I wrote an article on the great new features of Opencart 2.0 which can be found here:

This article will describe the best methods in which to upgrade your existing store to 2.0 and hopefully will add some insight into some possible conflicts that you could run into. Currently there is no upgrade script for 2.0 so any upgrading is done at your own risk.

1) Making a backup

First and always, please make a full back up of your entire website as well as your database. There are many articles on how to do this.

  • First, connect with FTP to your store and download the entire website to a folder that is unique and of it’s own.
  • Next, open up your database in PHP MY ADMIN and do a full export of your entire database as a .sql file. Place this in the same folder you created for your website download.

2) Preservation issues

It is important to note the items that you can preserve when upgrading to 2.0 compared to the items you cannot. I have made a list of all of them just so it is clear.

Things you can Preserve:

  • Customers, Orders, Products, Categories, etc will be safe and unchanged
  • Sensitive and customized database entries will be safe and unchanged
  • Any of your modules, free or commercial, will be upgraded for free if applicable and license is current.

Things  you cannot Preserve:

  • Custom Templates.  Themes from 1.4.x and older will not be saved since the theme system has changed in 1.5.x. The default OpenCart 1.5.x theme will be selected. It is up to you to install a new theme or have someone make one for you or migrate your existing  one.
  • Other people’s custom modules. You will need to contact them for the latest versions.
  • 1.5.0 to newer 1.5.x updates will lose their module positions as the module system changed in 1.5.1. You will have to edit each module again from the admin and re-add it
  • 1.5.0 to 2.0..x updates will lose their module positions as the module system changed in 2.0.x. You will have to edit each module again from the admin and re-add it, then edit the different layout pages to add the module to the layouts.

Overall, the changes in 2.0 are pretty substantial so you are responsible for any data that you may lose. Like mentioned before there simply is NO upgrade script so it would have to be done in a custom fashion.

3) Upgrading Instructions

Yes I am good at html/css/php and understanding databases.

If you are a knowledgeable web designer or coder and you are comfortable with migrating your current theme to the new 2.0 then we suggest that you give it a try. Remember, you’re going to have to translate your current theme including your css to the bootstrap and responsive theme along with adjusting the custom modules per instructions above.

I would recommend making a new folder on your server that will host your new 2.0 store and piece by piece migrate everything over. I say piece by piece because it will not be a fast process especially if you are neck deep in customizations. Having a seperate folder will enable you to keep your live store without conflict and work on the development on your own time. Make sure to keep your error log handy because it is going to help you fix things that are currently common errors when attempting to upgrade.

No,  I am not good at html/css/php and understanding databases.

If you are NOT comfortable with html/css/php and working with the opencart framework in general then it is advised that you wait until there is an upgrade script, or hire someone to do this for you. Too much is at stake and too much could go wrong especially if you have a live store. If you are interested in hiring someone to help you upgrade, then you can visit the development section at opencart forums located here:

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