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What is typography?

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. Most don’t and in all fairness “wont” give typography the time of day when visiting a website because they don’t know what they are looking at however typography is SUPER IMPORTANT when it comes to pleasing the mind’s eye of the individual surfing your website. In fact, it can even make people leave your website if done incorrectly. On the flip side it can keep people on your website without them even knowing it. Clever yes?  It’s true. This article will explain what you should know about typography and your Opencart website.

Over Cooking Fonts

How many different fonts do you have on your website and are they even readable? Seems that now and day’s with the ability to use Google fonts, developers are over doing it with their websites. Just because a font looks fancy doesn’t mean you should use it….and you should always follow the following rules:

1) Never have more than 3 fonts on your website, period. The more fonts you have…the more overwhelmed your user can feel and perhaps even feel lost. Typically if a graphic designer knows what they are doing they will have a font for HEADINGS, a font for SUB HEADINGS, and a font for paragraph content. Within these 3 they may use bold, italic, underline..or some other text variation of that font.

2) Always use a font type that is readable and/or legible.

Let’s keep this one simple shall we?  It’s best to stick with font types such as Arial, Verdana, Times New (In some cases), or even Georgia to ensure maximum readability. Who cares if your font looks the best when no one can read it?  When testing the readability of fonts it is important to test them with a large audience and at different sizes. While we cannot please everyone we can at least do our best to ensure that people do not leave your website because they cannot read your font.

3) Always use a good color with your font

Make sure to not overdue the color on your website either, let alone the font colors. Typically it is best practice to place a darker colored font on a lighter background. This will lessen the chances of a user having to squint his/her eyes when looking at the page. There is nothing worse than a yellow font color on a black background. Take a look at this example:


In conclusion, you have a lot of power over what your user will experience when visiting your website. Ensure the best experience possible by using these ideas as a guide.

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