OpenCart – Setting up Webmail

A simple guide in how to set up your webmail in Opencart. When you order your Arvixe Hosting, they actually set it up for you but it’s up to you to create your emails and to specify those within the Opencart administration.

Step One

Order your Opencart web hosting through Arvixe.

Step Two

In your confirmation email you will see a link to your cPanel. Login with your user name and password given. Once you login you will come to a page that looks similar this:


Step Three


Step Four

Arvixe and cPanel make it very easy for you to set up your emails. Simply create a name and choose the @_________ from the drop down. Specify the Quota and press CREATE


Step Five

Now you must install your Opencart on your server and specify the admin email when installing. You can also add additional emails in the Opencart main settings. These can be found in the GENERAL TAB and the MAIL TAB after going to SYSTEM > SETTINGS > EDIT.

More information about your webmail:

You can get your email sent to your phone by simply setting up an account on your mobile device and connecting to your webmail. To get the settings for your webmail – mobile connection simply click on MORE > EMAIL CLIENT in your cPanel under the email section


It will look something like this:


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