OpenCart installation on USBWebserver-Part2

This is continuation of installation of OpenCart on USBWebserver.

Let’s begin

Pre installation steps

Step 1:

Download OpenCart setup from official site of OpenCart. You will get zip file of OpenCart setup.

Step 2:

Extract downloaded zip in one folder. You will be able to see “upload” folder along with few other files. Upload folder contains all setup files. Other files contains details related to installation procedure and license information etc.

Open Cart Folder

Step 3:

Copy “upload” folder under “root” folder of USBWebserver. Root folder can be found directly under folder where you had installed USBWebserver. You can rename that folder to give some logical name I have renamed it to “Opencart”.

Step 4:

Create database which will be used by OpenCart. Go to PHPMyAdmin of your USBWebserver. For that you need to start server and go to this url.


Login with default user name and password i.e.(“root”,”usbw”)

OpenCart Database Creation

Step 5:

Go to “Database” tab under PHPMyAdmin and create new database. You can give any name to this database. Just need to provide same details during installation. I am creating database with name “opencart”

Step 6:

Create new user for opencart database. You can click on “Check Privileges” action near by newly created database and use “Add user” link to create new user for opencart database.I have given all rights to new user on opencart database.

OpenCart User Create1

OpenCart User Create2

Step 7:

As a part of installation you need to rename couple of files from upload folder which you had placed under root in step 3.Rename config-dist.php to config.php and admin/config-dist.php to admin/config.php

Step 8:

For Windows make sure the following folders and files permissions allow Read and Write.


If everything is fine we are ready to start installation of OpenCart in USBWebserver.

Open Cart Installation

Step 1:

Start your USBWebserver and go to following url.


and it will redirect you to following installation page of opencart.


NOTE: URL is based on apache port of USBWebserver and name of “upload” folder lying under root.Basically it is of following format


Basically there are four main screens of this installation.

  • License
  • Pre-Installation
  • Configuration
  • Summary

OpenCart Installation Step1

Step 2:

Click on “Continue” it will lead you to second screen where you can see check list of all pre-installation steps.If you might have missed any steps you will come to know using this screen and you need to rectify it before proceeding with installation.

Step 3:

Once all pre-installation check lists are met you could process to third step here you need to provide all details related to OpenCart database and User which we had created as a part of pre-installation steps.

In my case database was “opencart” and user was also “opencart”. You also need to provide password of that user.

In second section you need to  provide admin user details which will later be used for store administrator.

Open Cart Install Step3

Step 4:

When you click on “Continue” from step 3 it will give you error in case something is wrong. Most of the times error is because of wrong database user details. So, you can check error rectify it and click on continue once again and if everything is fine it will lead you to this page.

Open CartInstall4

You should be able to see success message. That means your installation is complete and you are ready to go.

Post Installation Step

As you can see warning message I have highlighted.It says “Don’t forget to delete your installation directory!” You can find install directory under folder which you have uploaded under root of USBWebserver. Go to that location and delete that install folder and you will no longer see this warning message.

Delete Install Dir

In above page you could see two Links one is of your OpenCart site and another is administration application which allows you to manage site. We will see more details related to those part in upcoming blog posts.

Summary: We have seen how to install OpenCart on USBWebserver and make it easily portable application.Follow this series for more posts on OpenCart.

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