OpenCart installation on USBWebserver- Part 1

In this article we will see how to install OpenCart on USBWebserver. First let me give you brief details related to USBWebserver.

What is USBWebserver?

USBWebserver is a portable web server which contains Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMySQL admin. All these components make USBWebserver a complete web server with all required things to host web application. One of the biggest advantage of this server is that it is portable that means you can easily transfer running server to different machines. You do not need to install anything and everything is self embedded.

Here we are going to use this server to host OpenCart. So, let’s get started. Mainly there are few pre installation steps and few of them are post installation steps.

USBWebserver installation

First let us install USBWebserver which is quite easy.You need to follow these steps.

Step 1:

Download USBWebserver from it’s official site.


It will be zip file of around 23 Mb in size.

Step 2:

Extract zip file in any folder where you want to keep your USBWebserver.

Step 3:

In extracted folder there will be usbwebserver.exe file under extracted folder. This is the file which will launch USBWebserver.

USBWebserver ExtractedClick on that executable file and you will be able to see server’s window similar to following image.As you can see there are Apache and MySQL tabs using which you can start and stop MySQL and Apache server.


Last tab is related to overall settings. In this tab you could change ports used by Apache and MySql.

Step 4:

Check local host and phpMyAdmin. When you click on localhost it should open up your browser with localhost url. When you click on PHPMyAdmin it will open up following page from where you could setup databases.


If you are able to see both of these you are good to go.Webserver is installed properly. In the next post we will see how to install OpenCart on this USBWebserver.

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