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If you have an online store and plan on actually selling goods successfully then you must abide by the SEO URL rule. If you don’t, you’ll never be good as you can be and your store will likely fail. OpenCart already has SEO URL in place and understand the importance of offering STATIC URL to your users and more importantly…all major search engines.

Dynamic URL: (not good, ever!)

Static URL: (re-written)

What does Google think and prefer?

Not only do all major search engines prefer to index your content with STATIC URL’s, they also look better and are easier to remember. Inevitably you will see “some” dynamic url’s scattered about a website because those particular pages are not “content rich” which is to say they don’t have content worth looking at or caching in search engines. A good example of this type of page might be: (opencart login url)

In Opencart you need to make SURE that you assign SEO KEYWORDS to all of your products, categories, and any other content that give you the option to do so. This is to ensure the best chance at allowing your content to be found. This “is” the idea, to be “found.” If you don’t want to be found then spam Google with thousands of Dynamic URL’s (not recommended). After you assign a unique SEO KEYWORD to worthy items, make sure to enable SEO URL from within the administration AND make sure that the re-write path is correct from with your .htaccess.

What is a static URL compared to a RE-WRITTEN static url?

There is really no difference. They register the same. One is static from the beginning, and the other is made static through a re-writing process.

How are Opencart url’s re-written?

Opencart uses a re-writing process made possible through APACHE – MOD – REWRITE. This is a module provided by APACHE. Opencart is primarily run on LAMP environments so this is why it uses the Apache Mod Rewrite. LAMP = (Linux-Apache-MYSQL-PHP). While mod-rewrite makes it possible to have re-written URL’s show up on the web correctly, Opencart has its own function(s) to re-write the URL’s. If you are interested in the code that takes care of this we recommend you check out the following two files:

1) catalog\controller\common\seo_url.php

2) system\library\url.php

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  1. swed says:

    Thanks Joe, SEO is no doubt an interesting phenomenon but I’m very skeptical of its alleged wonder-working properties at least regarding Swedish conditions. Wedding in Swedish spells bröllop but comes out brollop in the URL which is far from helpful. On a market without competition SEO may be of use but on markets with fierce competition the SEO success boils down to money. In the trade to which we belong I have never heard anyone say that they’ve increased their margins or returns by using SEO in spite of substantial investments. The real winner is of course Google. Compared to SEO gurus praise of the technique the actual outcome is, as I see it, extremely poor. Our business is fortunate to have quite a large group of regular customers who’s also (quite) loyal. Not being dependent on Google’s expensive dodges makes me extraordinarily delighted since it saves us a lot of dough and own efforts which instead can be spent on cultivating our loyal customers and/or to increase own capital in the accounts. Furthermore I’ve found our need of digital marketing to be much cheaper and to yield much better (or more efficient) results using the occurring Social Networking Sites. Nevertheless I regard you as one of the best “teachers” I’ve met and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge reading your blog.

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