OpenCart – Exporting and Importing a Store

This article will demonstrate the proper way to export your entire Opencart database to either duplicate your store, or set up a new one just like it on a different domain. Either way, there are right way and wrong ways. We hope to steer you clear of any disasters 🙂 If you are hosting with Arvixe, or most other hosts, you will have access to your cPanel. Login to your cPanel. Once logged in you will want to scroll down to your Databases block and choose phpMyAdmin.


Once inside phpMyAdmin, choose your database from the tree on the left and allow it time to load the tables:


Once the database has loaded, look at the menu along the top and you will see an EXPORT button. Click on export:


Now choose QUICK EXPORT to the format SQL. It will generate a .sql file that you can later IMPORT to another database.


Importing To New Database

Now that you have your .sql file you are ready to import your store tables to another database. Remember, this is only for those people duplicating their Opencart store on another domain or server.

1) You need to open up your .sql file in a text reader and make sure that the name of the database matches your new database. You can do a simple FIND/REPLACE to fix all mentions of it. Just do a search for the word Database and you will see the mention of it.

2) Follow all of the steps above but this time you will choose IMPORT. You browse for the .sql file you generated and click GO. It will import everything and create all of the necessary tables.


You may also need to change your configuration files in /config.php and admin/config.php to match your new domain.

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