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This will be an article that will explain a few of the key benefits in using a dedicated server from Arvixe. Let’s be honest, dedicated hosting can be a bit pricey. There is a reason for that. You control just about EVERYTHING. You get your own rack. Your own space. You no longer have to share space or bandwidth with the thousands of other users on your Shared Hosting Account. While shared hosting offers a perfectly functional website, if your business is growing rapidly and you have reason to scale UP then you should start considering a Dedicated.  Remember, your customers online experience is of utmost importance. We always want to make it good for the customer and no one likes a laggy server that crashes all of the time because your customer traffic volume is out-doing the current performance of the shared server OR, others are running horrible scripts…causing everyone to crash. Remember, Arvixe offers some of the best shared hosting out there. This is for those online companies that have heavy traffic…need for heavy CPU/MEMORY/STORAGE and BANDWIDTH.


Everyone has a specific budget in mind but don’t forget the golden rule – don’t ever NOT do something because of the cost alone. If your business is going good then chances are it will pay itself off in the long run. We all have to spend money to make money :). If you have to, start small. Get a basic package and see how you do. You can always upgrade in the future if you need to. You will soon come to find out that because you have a dedicated server, your customers are probably staying on your site longer because it performs better!

With dedicated server hosting you will experience more reliability, flexibility, security, and the highest level of website performance. Choosing a dedicated server solution for your Open Cart Shop is a considerable decision that requires careful planning on your part. It is very important to choose a superior quality dedicated server like Arvixe, to handle your e-commerce website and ensure the best experience for your target audience.

Here are some tips you must keep in mind while choosing dedicated server hosting services for your business:

-Choose the best suited operating system for your dedicated server. You have the option of choosing between a Linux or Windows dedicated server. While a Linux dedicated server can be more difficult to manage than a Windows dedicated server, your dedicated server host’s support team can help you manage your dedicated Linux server and offer professional advice for your dedicated hosting solution. Open Cart recommends a LAMP set up which is LINUX/APACHE/MYSQL/PHP
-If you want to run a resource-rich website, make sure you choose the fastest and most powerful processor you can afford. You might even need multiple processors to handle everything. Determine your processing needs and choose accordingly. Ask for help from your dedicated server hosting provider when needed as they can help you choose the operating system that will work best for your website.
– Arvixe offers 24/7 customer support. You will need someone to always be available to help if you have any problems with your server.  Remember, since you are going for a dedicated server, you will be doing the installation and/or hiring someone to do it for you. Arvixe is here to help! If you have any doubts about just how good a dedicated server from Arvixe can be all you have to do is visit and see how well their website runs, along with their forum especially. gets TONS of traffic every day.

Looking for quality OpenCart Hosting? Look no further than Arvixe Web Hosting!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Yea I agree with you dedicated servers are expensive but they really are value for money….

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