Opencart – Dealing With Errors

Normal Errors

These errors are what you will see show up in the Opencart Error Log or even on your browser screen “depending upon your error reporting settings” and they always have tale tell signs. They normally have a consistent execution so therefore they are easier to solve. If you are not versed in PHP then we recommend you using the Opencart Forums or the Arvixe forums to get information in order to discern your error. There are thousands and thousands of postings on the most common errors you will see in Opencart. While some errors won’t really cause your website harm they are all worth getting rid of to ensure clean execution and maximum server efficiency. NOTE: Not all errors are as they appear. Some are just means to an end, caused by an earlier existing error. For example if you have an undefined variable $x, that variable may be part of an array and if the array is called it will show up as a secondary error because the array is not even there. Another example is the ever present HEADERS ALREADY SENT error which has everything to do with a preceding error. Yes, sometimes you have extra white space at the top of your HTML document which “can” cause this error but most likely it’s caused by something else.

Intermittent Errors

Yes, you know them. You’ve seen them and you’ve probably pulled your hair out trying to fix them. An intermittent error is an error that occurs at irregular intervals; not steady. At times, when using Opencart, especially after installing custom extension or doing your own custom work you will see errors pop up “every now and then.” These are at times difficult to discern because of a few different reasons:

– The error is being created by another error “which is not shown.”

– The error is generated from an ambiguous piece of code and only errors when the code is fired (which could be at any time but you don’t know the source.

The Opencart error log doesn’t always tell you “exactly” what is going on. In fact, php debugging in general takes a little bit of a learning curve to decipher.


A good example of an intermittent error would be seeing Internal Error Messages when trying to add products to your catalog from the administration. The Internal Error message will not ALWAYS show up…just here and there. Possible causes for this error are:

-A malformed php cgi script
-An invalid directive in an .htaccess or other config file
-Limitation imposed by file system and server software (for example php log file size set to 10Mb)
-Missing php.ini (or cannot read php.ini file)

Clearly, if you are not familiar with the software or PHP then this would be impossible to discern so what we suggest is that you make good use of Google by typing in the actual error. There is a wealth of scripting websites that have people going through the exact same thing as you. Often times these types of errors are server related and not front end related.

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