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In a previous article I went over the OpenCart admin area. What I didn’t include was the sidebar within the dashboard which basically gives you complete control over your OpenCart store with full navigation to other parts of the admin area. So, that is what we will be covering in this article :).

If you expand that side bar you will be able to see many section over there and each of those section has multiple subsections. Here I will give you brief details related to each and every sections.

Catalog:  This is the section where admin can manage all products and categories and all product related details.

Opencart Category

Extensions: There are many extensions available for OpenCart which will add extra features on top of core OpenCart. There are many different extensions available few of them are paid and few of them free to use. Extensions are integral and significant part of any open source product as it do lot of value addition to product. Through this section admin can install or remove extensions.

OCAdminPanel Extensions

Sales :This section usually can be used to get all sales related information and manage orders in back end. Admin can do various actions on orders given through store.

OCAdminPanel Salese

Marketing: Through this section all marketing activities can be managed. For instance creation of new marketing campaign, tracking of ongoing campaign. Add new discount coupons etc..

OCAdminPanel Marketing

System: This section helps to manage layout of store. Manage different users and groups. Other store related settings are also managed through this section.

OCAdminPanel System

Tools: Here you can do various administrative operation like backup and restore of database tables which has all store related details stored in it. So, you can probably take backup of all tables in single sql file directly using this interface.

OCAdminPanel Tools

Reports : Here Admin will be able to generate different kind of reports by applying multiple filters which could give him idea on how store is performing. What are the popular products,which is the region where most sales happened etc.. etc.. which plays crucial role in deciding strategies for growth.

OCAdminPanel Report

So, these are the different sections of side bar from OpenCart admin panel.We will be covering other things related to admin panel in upcoming posts.

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