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Believe it or not, the color you choose for you website involving backgrounds, fonts, lines, designs, images and other things is super important to keeping customers on your website. Color is not something designers take into consideration nearly enough and as a result, customers are lost because of short page visits. The psychological aspect of colors and how they play on the eyes could determine the exact length of time a user will stay on your website. Sometimes people that end up closing the browser down don’t even know why they did it. I’ve actually studied this and designed enough websites to know that this is valid.

Let’s take a look at some bad color combinations that when looked at “could” actually blind you and cause you to squint!

Example 1: This example is bright yellow on black. Bright ANYTHING on black is not a good idea because the saturation is too much on the human eye. It may look bold and bright but I challenge you to stay on a website for as long as you can while staring at this contrast in colors.


Example 2: This example is also a bad combination because there is not ENOUGH contrast and can make you strain your eyes to read the text. If done enough this can actually cause the user a headache.


Example 3: This actually is the best of the 3 “however it’s still not the best”. This color chosen on black is easiest to read and easiest on the eyes.  A website that has this color combination will almost 100% certainly keep people on it a lot longer than the other two. It’s still not the best choice however, and could be better.


Truthfully, it’s always better to place dark text on a LIGHT background. Going the other way can be risky. Here is an example of a very good color combination that is super easy to read and the best example of them all. Good old black on white!


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