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Maybe you have spent a lot of time and money on getting your shopping cart up and running and now want to consider your marketing strategy? There are many resources on the web that deal with online marketing and how it relates to getting your shopping cart found….and having it be successful. However, there are some basic directions I can point you in before you end up wasting your money  on an SEO campaign that could have been achieved by yourself with a little bit of SEO knowledge.

Do I need ad AdWord Campaign?

This question cannot be answered in one shot because it depends on many variables. Some websites that don’t necessarily need ad Word campaigns have them because their budget allows for it. Other websites that could benefit from a campaign can’t afford the cost so they make up for it in other areas of savvy web design. If you have a website that is NOT rich in content otherwise known as “rich text” then you may benefit from an adword campaign  If you on the other hand have a website that has a TON of rich content that is constantly being crawled/updated then you may reach your goals organically without paying a dime. Like I said, each has its own special requirements. My advice would be to cover all of the basics FIRST and see if you can’t raise the ranks naturally/organically first. After you have done all you can do THEN maybe justify paying for an AdWord Campaign from Google. There is no doubt that paying Google on a PPC campaign can increase traffic to your website but should never RELY COMPLETELY on ad words. At some point, hopefully if you are selling your product/service successfully you will be able to offset the cost.

Setting Up Adwords

There is no possible way that one could go over every aspect of Google Adwords in one posting but we will just give you general points on how to at least get started.

Step 1: Target customers
Choose from dozens of languages and nearly 200 countries. You can even choose to show your ads only to users in specific cities or regions.

Step 2: Create your ad
Write your ad text and choose the keywords that will trigger those ads.

Step 3: Set pricing
Choose the currency you want to use, then set your daily budget and cost per click (CPC). Spend as much or as little as you like each day; no minimum budget is required.

Step 4: Sign up
Finish creating an AdWords account by providing your email address and choosing a password. When you’re ready to activate your ads, log in to your new account and submit your billing information.

Other pointers:

Sometimes, just your domain name alone will be your greatest asset in jockeying your position/ranking in Google Search. For example if you wanted to corner the market in Window Cleaning for a specific demographic such as CHARLOTTE, NC if your domain name was “ you would most certainly be getting all of the traffic on search engine searches with key phrases such as “Charlotte Nc Window Cleaning.

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