OpenCart Admin Panel Walk-through

In my previous article we had seen how to install OpenCart on USBWebserver. After installation you will be able to see there are two main section of OpenCart application i.e.

Open CartInstall4

OpenCart store: This is the main site which will be visible to all end users. All main actions related to buying and surfing  through products happens here.

Admin Panel: This is the section through which you can manage your front end store. All actions like adding,updating,deleting products. Managing categories, catalogs etc.. can be done through this interface. Only Admin users will have access to this section.

In this post I will give you a walk through of Admin Panel to get you familiar with all part of admin panel.

You can open Admin Panel using following url.


Ex.. http://localhost:8080/Opencart/admin/

OpenCart AdminPanel Login

You will be able to see following screen and to login provide admin user credentials which you had provided during installation of OpenCart.

Dashboard Home Screen

After login it will redirect you to OpenCart Dashboard.Here admin user will be able to see the summary of OpenCart store. He will be able to see activities happening on store and basically gets all analytical detail here. He will be able to see details like Total Order,Total sells, Total Customers etc.. which are pretty intuitive.

OCAdminPanel HomeScreen

Side Bar

Main important section is side bar available on left side of page Which you can expand using button given on top left corner.This is where you will be able to do all changes in your store like Managing products,categories,Managing Extensions on store, Change overall setting, Changing Layout, checking logs etc… So, this is the most important section of Admin panel according to me.

We will go through each of those section in brief in next article.

OCAdminPanel SideBar

Alert Section

One more section which probably worth exploring is “Alerts Section” where you can see all Store related alerts to get quick updates on activities happening on store.

OpenCart Alert ScreenSummary: I hope this will give you quick walk through of admin panel of Open Cart and makes you families with different sections available in admin panel.

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