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Chances are if you are running an online store you will be wanting to offer multiple currencies especially if you have a wide customer base. This makes life a lot easier for those in other countries to translate the cost of the item  accurately to their chosen currency type.

Setting up a currency

Login into your OpenCart admin area and hover over the System menu option. This can be done in one of two ways.

1) Hover over the system icon and expand the menu to Localisation->Currencies


2) Expand the menu and choose the System option and follow Localisation->Currencies


Currency Title

This is pretty self-explanatory, just choose the name of the currency you want to add. In this case, I will add “Pound Sterling” as a title.


This is the ISO code of the currency which you are adding. If you’re not sure what yours is just do a quick Google search!

The you quickly find your ISO code which in this case is CAD. Just enter that code into your currency option box.

Symbol Left & Right

This is the symbol which you want to appear in the OpenCart store to the left of the price. You can choose any symbol really but if you have a strange symbol for the currency then you will need to find the ASCII code for the character and enter that value into the box. You can find all the ASCII characters here.

Since I am using Canadian Dollars I will just out the dollar symbol (“%“) to be shown to the left. If your currency uses symbols for smaller values (such as pence, cents etc) then you can also choose a symbol to be shown towards the right.

Decimal Places

This one is also pretty standard, just choose the number of decimal places you want your new currency to show in OpenCart. Mostly it is set as 2 for $5.99, if your currency needs more than that then set more decimal figures to display.


Now, this is a tricky one for setting the exchange rate for the currency you are adding to your store. If you are planning on using this currency as your default one, then set the value to 1.00000. This then tells the store to work all other currencies around this one as the center. If not, then you will need to find out the value of the currency against your default one. Do a quick Google search to see what the exchange rate is.


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