Opencart 2.0 what’s new!

So it’s finally here. Opencart 2.0. There have been some major changes that this article will go over a few of the big changes that I feel you should know about.

Bootstrap 3 (Twitter Bootstrap)

This is a huge change. This is the ever popular twitter bootstrap now installed in Opencart. Bootstrapping wraps the default theme/CSS with the bootstrap theme and allows for more control over styling. Your store is now sleek, stylish, and more powerful than ever on both desk top devices and all mobile devices.

OCMOD is integrated (OC2)

You can now make modifications to your website while avoiding having to change core files. No separate installation required. This is very helpful and can avoid costly alterations that may affect the rest of your site.

Font Awesome

This will make your website look professional and lively with this CSS font collection. All of the 439 icons are retina ready as well as customizable and scalable. Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.

Extension Installer

A very nice theme/extension installer for the front end and the back end. No more over-writing files via FTP. This leads to a faster and more accurate installation process.

Event Added

Event notification system.Example: send an email to admin when there is a new registered user.

API Integrated

This addition allows you to integrate your website with 3rd party API Platforms. Create an iOS and Android application.

Intuitive Dashboard

The new dash board helps you really focus on what is really important like sales, statistics etc. The previous horizontal menu is replaces with a vertical menu and is more intuitive.


If you are upgrading you need to make a complete back up of your entire website because some people’s websites are breaking depending upon which extensions you have installed.

Example of front end:


Back end example:


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