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There are times when perhaps you will need to allow your customers to see a digital file before they purchase. If you are selling digital goods such as Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, this article will show you how to give your customers a way to watch your .PPT file, but not download it and/or alter it. After all you don’t want anyone redistributing the PowerPoint file nor altering it. This article will not however show you how to set it up to where once a customer purchases the file , what to do after the fact.

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Power Point Allows you to create beautiful dynamic presentations. To create a Power Point presentation the best way is to own a copy of the software provided by Microsoft, however there are other software’s online that allow one to create a .ppt file. This article assumes that you already have a power point set up and ready for upload.

1) Upload your .ppt files to Opencart

Open up your FTP client and connect to your current Opencart installation. It would be easier for you to just upload the raw .ppt file to a folder of your choosing rather than trying to use the image up-loader that opencart provides. Create a new folder called ppt_files and place the folder in an intuitive location such as /image/catalog/demo/ppt_files. After you create the folder simply upload all of your PowerPoint files to it. Again, don’t zip them.

2) Set up the PowerPoint viewer

Now you have to decide where you wish for the PowerPoint viewer to show up. The code that is used to do this is basic HTML and can be placed anywhere where html goes in any of your template files.  You also  may choose to create a module that can be dynamically positioned on any of your pages. This is also easy to do with the Opencart 2.0. Wherever you decide, place this following code snippet within the template file wherever you wish for your .ppt to show up. Make sure to replace the absolute url with yours which will be the location of the .ppt files you already uploaded:

<iframe src="" style="width:600px; height:500px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Now you have it. You can place this code anywhere you wish and as many times as you wish. You may also have a script that dynamically generates this code with the correct PowerPoint file. Either way, the viewer does not have to have a Google Account to view it.

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