Opencart 2.0 (Choosing the best hardware)

It is important to choose the hardware that best suits your shopping cart needs. Knowing this, in this article I’ll point out some basic points to help you choose the best hardware possible. The last thing that you want is to set your customer base up on a system that is lacking the performance it needs to provide a stable, efficient, wonderful shopping experience. These type of requirements only get more critical the more customers you get along with your inventory growing. It’s inevitable, if you grow then you will need the hardware to match the rate of growth.

What is hardware?

When I speak of hardware I am referring to the computer system on which your website is hosted. If you are hopefully hosting with Arvixe Web Hosting, they have many different types of hardware’s in their data centers which are all available to anyone given their specific budget range and/or need. Here is an image which depicts a row of servers in a rack within a data center:


I would say that the majority of Open Cart developers just starting out an online store are going to start on a Shared Hosting, or a Virtual Private Hosting with Arvixe Web Hosting This is normally due to budget. However, once you start growing you can and MUST up-scale your server to something better suited for speed, ram, and storage.

If you can afford to spend a LITTLE more, I would highly recommend that you not start out with shared hosting. Rather, start out with a VPS, virtual private server. In doing so you will have better performance as well as the ability to quickly UPSCALE your hardware to a dedicated rack when the time comes. Ultimately, we all dream of having such the customer base and revenue stream to be able to afford a Dedicated rack like the one’s in the picture above but that may take some time.

Until then check out this package here: VPS ARVIXE.

An alternative to the VPS packages is the Arvixe cloud packages. Cloud is a step up from Arvixe as it adds an additional layer of flexibility, reliability and stablility. If you need to upgrade from a shared platform or are considering starting on the next step, if the budget allows, do consider a cloud package.

And, now for the bare metal servers. Bare metal servers are just that, a fully blown server dedicated just for you and your website(s). Dedicated servers offer the most reliability and stability in terms of hosting ALL the hardware is dedicated just for you. Only the websites you place on the server will share the resources unlike every other option.

I hope you’ve learned a little in this article about which hardware to choose when it comes to your shopping cart. Never sacrifice quality with price. You must always ensure that you give your customers the best!

If at any time you’re considering a package but are just not sure on which to opt for, feel free to reach out to the Arvixe sales team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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