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Attributes are the measuring stick used when contrasting items to one another in OpenCart.  The contrasting of products is done with the PRODUCT COMPARISON feature of the OpenCart storefront.  Administrators can create any number of attributes in order to describe a product. These attributes are typically grouped in attribute groups. The following tutorial describes attributes and their use with products in OpenCart 2.0.

1) Attribute Groups

Before assigning an attribute to an item you must create an attribute group. Login to your admin and locate the attribute groups by the menu. Here is what it will look like:


Now click on Attribute Groups and in the upper right hand corner you will see the add new icon. Press it.


Now you can fill in the necessary fields to create your group, then press the save icon in the upper right hand corner.


Now once you press save you will go back to your list of Attribute groups where you can create another, or simply edit an existing one.


2) Attributes

Now that we have an attribute group created we can create an attribute. First in the same menu tree choose attributes. It will look like this:


Once there you can either choose to edit an existing attribute or create a new one. For this guide will will create a new one so press the add new icon in the upper right hand corner. Once pressed you will see the attribute screen where you must now fill in the necessary information:


3) Assign attribute to products

Now it is time to get down to assigning the attributes to a particular product. In your admin menu click on products:


Once there click on the edit icon next to one of your products. That can be found to the far right. If you don’t have any products you will need set some up, at least one to carry on with this guide. Again, click on EDIT to bring up the product details. Once there you will see an Attributes tab. Click on that tab.


Once there now choose ADD ATTRIBUTE. The icon is found on the lower right similar to the picture:


Now all you have to do is click on the attribute title block and it will automatically give you a list of available attributes


Choose the attribute name and then fill in some description text in the box to the right. Press on the Save Icon. Now you have one of your created attributes assigned to a product. Your attributes will reflect on your inventory as stated above in the first paragraph. Congratulations. You have set up attributes!

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