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This article will hopefully be of some help to those that are interested in really utilizing the power of a newsletter. A newsletter can do wonders for your business, but can also create issues if not done correctly. So much of how you are going to be able to set up your newsletter and successfully reach your audience depends on variables such as server performance, whether or not you set up your code correctly, and how accessible it is to modern email clients. There is however a solution out there that can really take the hard work out of all of this by doing it for you.

3rd Party Newsletter Provider

Why not use a 3rd party newsletter blaster/provider?  There are a few really competent providers out there that are used by millions all over.

What are the benefits of using a 3rd party provider?

The biggest benefit is the fact that all of the overhead that goes into sending out a huge email blast to your customers  falls on the 3rd party, not you and your own server. Often times developers set up a large email client list and forget that they are on a shared server with restrictions about sending out email. This will cause bad problems with the speed at which they are sent out or if they are sent out at all. You can rest at night knowing that when you press that SEND button, it is all being taken care of for you.

Cost. With some 3rd party newsletter companies it actually is free to send out emails up to a certain number which is great. If you email list is massive such as 5,000, you will will not pay nearly as much per month compared to that of a dedicated server cost.

Efficiency and accuracy. You can count on companies like MAIL CHIMP for their efficiency and accuracy when it comes to sending out emails to all types of email clients. Often times when we try to set this up ourselves we do it incorrectly so out newsletters run the risk of winding up in someone’s junk mail. It’s VERY important that you reach as many people as possible. Sometimes we can’t help it if a particular individual has their email settings configured to where it will go to their junk mail no matter what.

Here is a link to a highly recommended Mail Chimp plugin for Opencart. It allows you to set up a SUBSCRIBE button in your Opencart store.


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