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libgdx_thumbI create websites by day (and sometimes by night, hah!) … but lately I’ve had an idea for a mobile video game. Much of my work currently involves developing a simple game concept, design diagrams and doing basic research in the realm. I’ve never created a full video game before — although I do have a commit to an old repository ages ago on a project I never committed anything relevant too (like maybe a decade ago!).

In my research I wanted to see what I could create the game in such that it could run on the desktop and also mobile devices. I researched Unity, some Ruby game frameworks and then settled on LibGDX.

LibGDX is a cross-platform game development application framework written in Java and based on Open GL ES. It is not a game engine in general convention due to its lack of integrated development tools — but it is a Framework to develop a video game (or custom non-native embedded widget) for various platforms.

LibGDX provides a kitchen-sink listing of features for creating applications. Rather than list a set of features that will be out of date in later LibGDX versions please consult the features listing of libGDX.

The framework integrates well with many Java based IDEs. I currently have IDEA’s IntelliJ IDE configured as my development IDE.

In addition to the official libGDX IRC channel #libgdx on I have also picked up a primer book on basic 2D game development using libGDX on Amazon.

Lastly I have researched some actual LibGDX based games on Github to browse and research the source code (I have known Java since getting my B.S. ages ago). I’ve looked at the following repositories:

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