Only Show Members with Photos for Dolphin 7

Sometime’s people dont upload an image or avatar for their profile. I dont really like the way that looks and maybe you dont either. Well there’s a fix for that. All you have to do is :

Open /templates/base/scripts/BxBaseIndexPageView.php. Save a backup copy of this file just in case you mess up.

Go to line 316 and you should see –
$sqlCondition = “WHERE `Profiles`.`Status` = ‘Active’ and (`Profiles`.`Couple` = 0 or `Profiles`.`Couple` > `Profiles`.`ID`)”;

Change that to –
$sqlCondition = “WHERE `Profiles`.`Status` = ‘Active’ and `Profiles`.`Avatar` > ‘0’ and (`Profiles`.`Couple` = 0 or `Profiles`.`Couple` > `Profiles`.`ID`)”;

That’s it! Just upload the file and its done.

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