ocPortal Version 9.0.7 Released

Recently, version 9.0.7 has been released for ocPortal, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to take a look at some of the changes in this version. This version is almost three months in the making after the release of 9.0.6 in February of this year and as a result includes quite a few changes. Many of the changes are bug fixes and minor tweaks. Some of the other changes include:-

  • ocPortal includes a whole range of importers for other software including WordPress and in this version the WordPress importer has been tweaked and improved.
  • The design for thumbnail attachment for non-island type attachments has been improved.
  • A font resizer has been added to the footer to help improve the display on Tablets who don’t have all the same easy options as desktops and browsers have.
  • A number of improvements have been made for how ocPortal deals with large databases to improve its performance.
  • Greatly improved how ocPortal performs under stressed scenarios and the ability to deal with locked databases while still being able to render pages.

Key Bug Fixes

In addition to these upgrades and changes there have been a range of Bug fixes added to the software. Some of the key fixes include:-

  • Fixed a number of IE8 rendering problems including dealing with Tooltips and carousels.
  • Fixed a number of calendar bugs relating to reoccurring events.
  • Fixed Apostrophes not working in menu titles.
  • Fixed a bug where the contact-member module would lose its files if the mail queue is enabled. This could also block the queue for users of earlier versions of ocPortal.
  • Tidied up video gallery display.
  • Fixed a bug with the Facebook Syndication addon where it would not work for anyone who was not the owner of the original Facebook app which was used for integration.
  • Improved the capability relating to Huge imports.
  • Fixed two bugs affecting the editing of a page-link within the WYSIWYG editor. both resulted in corruption when editing an existing page-link.
  • Fixed a bug where the Front page link on the XML sitemap may become broken.

You can find more information on the bugs fixed from version 9.0.6 here.

It is always recommended upgrading to the latest version of software

The ocPortal Bug Tracker

ocPortal is supported with a bug tracker where you can see the latest reported bugs and potential developments for the ocPortal software. The bug tracker can be found at http://ocportal.com/tracker/

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