ocPortal Roundup 4

bug fixesSince the last round up I wrote up there has been two incremental updates for ocPortal 9.0.12 and 9.0.13 so I thought it was worth going into the fixes and changes in the two updates. I’ve upgraded several sites through both of these patches and not hit any issues at all so I recommend making sure your sites are updated as soon as possible. Of the two updates 9.0.12 is the larger of the two but I’ll go through the key elements of each.


9.0.12 comprises of a total of 23 bug fixes which include 2 bug fixes relating to recurring events in the calendar. There is a bug fix relating to previewing comments if the ocPortal forum was not installed. This update fixed an issue where ocPortal would struggle to determine the current page in menu highlighting for catalogues.

There was a bug which stemmed from Google removing iGoogle which broke currency conversion and has now been moved to a different API.

The update also fixed a couple of bugs which related to adding news and not having a user named test or not allowing guests to view the news page.

Another forum issue related to the forum RSS feed returning an error if private topics had been recently created. If you edited a usergroup to a club (i.e. to not have permissions), and you had members only in this usergroup, then those members received an error about not being in any usergroup. In the main gallery embed block an error was be given if you chose to order results randomly.

9.0.12 fixed a bug where manually deleting a member row could stop new zones working and also fixed a bug where merging members could fail under certain conditions. New members now will not receive any points for creating posts until they are validated, which stops spammers abusing the automatic promotion threshold to get around restrictions put in place to reduce spam. Also, saved searches now save correctly. For a full list of fixes in the 9.0.12 release you can see the whole list here


Version 9.0.13 comprises of 7 bug fixes which include fixing an error of a missing language string when adding a new friend. There was an incorrect WYSIWYG icon which was displaying the Paste icon in some situations. There was a bug fix relating to table borders not being visible when editing. As default table borders are zero to make it easy for users to make use of tables for basic content layouts but the borders need to be visible when editing.

On Dark themes, tabs were not being optimised which has now been fixed in the latest version. When importing a site from WordPress which had articles scheduled for a future date there was an issue as WordPress and ocPortal store dates differently.

There was an issue which was specifically noticed on Arvixe bug it likely to affect other hosts too where sending recommendation mails may not work. This has now been fixed along with some strange characters appearing in the WYSIWYG editor.

If you do find any bugs within the ocPortal system please report them on the main ocPortal forum as soon as possible because reporting issues is the only way they will be fixed.

Version 10 theming update

Version 10 of ocPortal is still scheduled for later this current year and is expected to change the standard theming of ocPortal. With this in mind if you are planning an update to your site’s style in the near future it may be worth holding off until version 10 has been released.

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