ocPortal Roundup 2

ocPortalEvery so often there are a number of useful news, tips and tricks which are worth sharing but aren’t large enough to fill a full post on their own. Rather than create 3 or 4 small posts, I wanted to condense them down into a round up. Here is my first ocPortal roundup

ocPortal 9.0.11 released

ocPortal 9.0.11 was released recently and is a primarily bug fix patch. Some of these bugs included fixing some play back issues with attached videos, setting the countdown block to use the correct timezone and fixed some mobile layout issues. If you would like to see a full list of fixes you can see them here: ocPortal 9.0.10 bug fixes

I recommend upgrading your ocPortal installation at the earliest opportunity as this is primarily a bug fix update.  As always make sure you back up your site before making any changes such as this just in case something goes wrong! If you have not conducted an upgrade of ocPortal before I recommend reading this tutorial on Upgrading an ocPortal installation.

How to display a list of the newest members within specific usergroups

For a community site you might decide you would like to show the latest members who have joined your site. This helps your community know who is new and who might need help around the site. It also shows to prospective new members that you are gaining new members and that the community is not stagnant.

There is an addon which is designed for this called ocNoobs. You can install an addon in ocPortal by following this tutorial.

Once the addon has been installed you will need to place the code to display the block on your website where it needs to go. The code to add this block is as follows.

[block max=”6″ filter=”1-14″]main_recent_members[/block]

The Max is the maximum number of users to display and the filter is the user group numbers you want to pull the users from. You will need to make sure the WYSIWYG editor is disables to add this code.

How to change the session time of your ocPortal website.

In some cases you might find you want or need to extend the session time of your ocPortal website.  One such reason may be someone being timed out when writing very long posts, however the auto save function should save the work. I would also recommend when writing any long posts to create them in a word processor initially until you are happy, then transfer them across. Nevertheless it may be you want to increase the session time and here is how to do it. You may also want to make it shorter and force log in more often depending on your site by lowering the session time.

  • Log in to your Adminzone
  • Navigate to Setup and choose Configuration
  • Select Security options and scroll down to the general section.
  • Set the number of hours you want the session time to be

session time

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