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pointsIt’s fairly common that many forums utilize a rank system based on forum posts, which works fine for simple forums, but it doesn’t reward users for interacting with the rest of the site. Where ocPortal excels is its fully integrated nature and this makes it an unbeatable base for a community based site.

One drawback with basing someone’s rank solely on the number of forum posts is it doesn’t reward quality content and is open to abuse. This could be through repeated posting of poor value posts. Some forum software allows you to impose minimum post lengths, but this doesn’t really solve the problem or help reward community members for interacting with other parts of your site.

How does ocPortal differ?

ocPortal utilities a points system instead of a posts system. Where a forum might have 100 posts to ascend to rank 2, ocPortal might have 100 points to ascend to rank 2. The difference is because ocPortal allows you to set the number of points awarded for each type of interaction.

For many sites the forum will be the main place someone will interact, but you might want to encourage your users to make use of the in-built chat facility. To do this you could increase the points reward for each message posted in the chat room. A Photo sharing site could also offer more points for uploading photos and albums. You can even reward users for logging in each day.

The benefit of this system over the simple “more posts equal higher rank” system is that you can tailor how valuable each type of interaction is.

To tailor the points on your site you need to navigate to the points section which can be found under Setup, Configuration and then Points options. Another way to get to it is add the following address after your site’s URL


You can now determine how fast certain actions reward your users with a higher rank and with a higher rank you can give them more privileges on your site.

What else can points be used for?

As well as utilizing points for sire ranks and permissions, ocPortal offers a points store. The points store allows you to offer rewards for your users to spend the points they earn from interacting with your site.

The points store inventory management screen can be found within the adminzone under setup or you can add this to your site’s URL


The points store allows you to set the cost for users uploading banners highlighting their name in the forum or pinning topics among others. You can also add more items which can be bought such as more enhanced permissions and products. These can be configured at this URL


You can also edit any existing configured point store items.

How do your users find the point store?

You can add the points store link to your menu in the usual way and you can link to it like you would any other module. The points store can be found at this location on your site


Go and try out all of the points store options and see what works best for you. It offers a great amount of combustibility which you simply don’t get from simple posts to rank systems.

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