ocPortal 9.0.14 Released

upgradeThe latest version of ocPortal has recently been released. This version is 9.0.14 and is primarily a bug fix update so it shouldn’t create too many theming issues. I do recommend using a test installation for a live site. At the time of writing there have been no reported issues with upgrading to this release from the 2 previous releases. I myself have updated three sites which I run on Arvixe Hosting with no issues at all.

One of the most important fixes for anyone who uses the Facebook connect add-on is a fix to Facebook login where it sometimes failed due to a webhost not installing root SSL certificates. For me this is a very important fix as I do tend to use Facebook connect on all of the sites I run. Although it had not directly affected me, I can see it would be a big fix for some people.

There was another bug where if you disabled the WYSIWYG editor the html tags could be missed out which has now been fixed for 9.0.14. If a page file had two dots in the name, e.g. thisdoc.old.txt, then ocPortal detected this as an invalid input and produces a hack-attempt error. Detecting them as invalid is correct as such named files can be malicious for a number of reasons, but the correct solution is for ocPortal to not detect such pages in the first place as they are probably just manual backup files or file system metadata files that were accidentally uploaded and has now been fixed.

If an IP ban happened against a blank IP address which is possible for non-web related requests it could corrupt .htaccess. This has now been fixed and a blank IP address should never be banned.

A recent patch fixed a bug where sorting a gallery by rating was shown as an option even if ratings were disabled which affected a few people. The fix introduced an error where an error would be reported where ratings were disabled. An issue with invites has been fixed whereby if invites are enabled on your site and someone tried to join with an invalid e-mail address, a behind-the-scenes error happens which the admin will see. This also caused the user to not see the neat not-invited message they are supposed to see before the form submits.

The update has also fixed an error where The main_contact_catalogues block didn’t go through the server-side catalogue validation process. This meant field constraints were not verified prior to form emailing. A clean-up tool has been added for the tag cloud to deal with orphaned tags polluting the tag cloud.

Other issues which have been fixed

  • Fixed the shopping image lightbox which is broken
  • Fixed an issue where the preview image failed to work on Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where Usergroup subscriptions on multi-site-networks didn’t work correctly
  • Fixed some problems with importer progress tracking

There are a few more and you can see a full list here.

As you can see it’s important to make sure your installation is up to date at every opportunity to avoid errors building up in your site. I don’t foresee any issues with updating to this version of ocPortal and recommend upgrading at your earliest convenience. If you’ve not upgraded your install before I recommend reading how to conduct and ocPortal upgrade

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