nopCommerce Tips: Using nopCommerce in Catalog Mode

nopCommerce is a tremendous e-commerce solution; robust and multi-functional, capable of handling thousands of products. However, there are some providers who prefer not to have live transactions on their site, but simply provide information about the products they sell in brick-and-mortar locations. For these people, nopCommerce provides a “catalog” mode – let’s see how that works.

As usual; log into nopCommerce as an administrator, and access the nopCommerce Administration section.  Navigate to “Configuration”>”Access Control List”; here you’ll see options for the default roles, as well as any custom roles you may have created. If you wish to limit the ability for non-registered users to use the online shopping cart, simply un-check the “Guests” column for “Public store. Enable shopping cart”. If you don’t want anyone to be able to make purchases online, uncheck all boxes for the entire row.

If you wish to hide product pricing, you’ll want to uncheck all the boxes for “Public store. Display Prices”. This is handy for when you have different price points for registered vs. non-registered users, or special discounts for “premium” customers.


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5 Comments on nopCommerce Tips: Using nopCommerce in Catalog Mode

  1. AP says:

    In my access control list none of my options say public store…? Please help!

  2. Ah, I see; this article was written for the 2.x version of nopCommerce – 2.65 is the current version as of this time. I don’t have any legacy sites to compare any more; what options do you you see in your ACL?

  3. AP says:

    Is there a way to update my version?? It seems as though I can’t get the capability to add a shopping cart..

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