nopCommerce Tips: Upgrading Your Existing Pre-2.x nopCommerce Site

I’ve been using nopCommerce for my clients for quite some time. However, I’ve had one client I hadn’t done an upgrade for since the 2.x update to nopCommerce – we’d wanted to wait until the mobile support was in place, and performance/stability issues had been addressed. Earlier this summer, we started planning a re-design to work with her expanded market. Finally, it was time for the upgrade. After having completed two other 2.6 nopCommerce sites in as many weeks, I thought this would be smooth sailing. Well, maybe not quite so much. Here’s some of the snags we hit, and the workarounds put into place.

Because there was such a gap between the old version (1.9) and the newest (2.65), pretty much everything was a wash (thus the opportunity for a re-design), so I decided to take advantage of the “Fashion” theme from nop-Templates. The clean lines and simple color scheme made it easy to strip down and incorporate the design elements for the new site. Since the client is a milliner, the extensions that come with the theme were a great addition.

In order to bring the old site into 2.x, I had to download the source for 2.0, make a backup copy of the database from the live site, download and restore it to my local SQL server instance. After that upgrade, I was able to simply run the update scripts for the database from the nopCommerce downloads area, then apply the latest version of nopCommerce to the updated database.

One of the more frustrating issues I encountered were product images that had been stored in the database, that were no longer accessible. From what I could tell from my research, they were uploaded using an older version of Internet Explorer, and the current version of nopCommerce/MVC weren’t able to read them. Thankfully the original images were available, and so we just re-uploaded as needed.

The “images” folder from the 1.9 version had to be manually copied over to “Content/Images”, and the database entries updated accordingly, using the REPLACE command in SQL Server.

Another issue I ran into is duplication of language resources, and other elements in the site. Some of the newer values simply didn’t copy over, and it was necessary to manually add them to the resource file via Configuration/Languages/View String Resources/Add New Record.

If you’re going through this, be sure to double-check all your previous settings: e-mail, Google Analytics, the works – many of those settings don’t copy over, although product information and customer information (the most important parts) are fully intact.

It’s been a bit more challenging, but I’m absolutely pleased with the results, as is my client. Do allow about an extra week for upgrading a site vs. deploying a new one.


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2 Comments on nopCommerce Tips: Upgrading Your Existing Pre-2.x nopCommerce Site

  1. Kayla says:

    Can you tell me what the benefits of upgrading from 2.5 to 2.65 are? Do you believe that this is a necessary upgrade ? Any input you have on the subject would be extremely helpful.

    • There are incremental improvements with each release; check the release notes at to see if any are applicable to your business needs. In addition, there are new plugins and add-ons that aren’t always backwards compatible.

      One of the biggest reasons to go from 2.5 to 2.65 is the introduction of an issue when the hosting server is upgraded to .Net 4.5 – if this hasn’t impacted you, you may want to wait until 2.7 is released (tentatively scheduled for late December).

      It’s always better to keep your upgrades within a release version or two; the longer the gap, the more iterations and changes can break your existing implementation.

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