nopCommerce Tips: Review of the nopCommerce Fashion ThemeRoller

Those clever folks at Nop-Templates have just raised the bar again, with the addition of the ThemeRoller for their nopCommerce Fashion Theme. For users who just want to tweak the color scheme of the Fashion Theme for their branding, this is a wonderful option. Let’s take a look at how this ThemeRoller works.

First of all, let’s take a look at how the Fashion Theme Template by Nop-Templates looks straight “out of the box”.

Fashion Theme - basic

It’s a nice, clean look, that doesn’t clash with any product images you might add. However, it’s not extremely memorable, either – and when it comes to branding, memorable can make the difference between keeping a fickle shopper’s interest, and being left behind as they move along to the next site in their shopping list.

Now let’s look at the same theme, after we’ve done a bit of work with the ThemeRoller:


With the addition of a background texture, and the adjustment of the major colors to a more vibrant palette, we now have a fun, playful look that would work well for a younger demographic, or a more bohemian sort of product line. Add a logo in the same branding colors, and you’ve got a slick, memorable site, with minimal effort and time invested.

How it works: navigate to, and click on the gear icon at the top left. Select a color scheme, and adjust each element as you wish, until the theme appears in the color scheme that matches your intended branding. Click the “Save Theme” button – you’ll be asked to log into the Nop-Templates site, under the same login you used to purchase the theme. Once there, you’ll be given the option to download or edit the theme you’ve created.

Click the “Download” button, and save the file to a location of your preference. To install your new color scheme, locate the \Themes\Fashion\Content\CSS folder in your nopCommerce installation, and drop the new ThemeRoller.css file in. Restart your nopCommerce site, and your new color scheme will be in place.


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