nopCommerce Tips: Review of nopDroid, nopCommerce Manager for Android

We have a tremendously talented nopCommerce community, many of whom create some impressive add-ons to extend the capabilities of this powerful e-commerce product. Today, we’ll review the nopDroid add-on by JF Softdev, the nopCommerce manager for Android.

Let’s start with the basics; first, download the proper version of the nopDroidConnector for your nopCommerce instance. Unzip the folder, and extract the Misc.NopDroid folder. Drop the folder and contents into your Plugins folder on your nopCommerce site, or under your Nop.Web/Plugins folder in your Visual Studio solution.

Log into your nopCommerce instance as an admin, and access the Admin area. Under Configuration/Plugins, click “Reload List of Plugins”. Towards the bottom of the plugins list, you’ll see the listing for the nopDroidConnector. Click “Install”, and wait for the installation to be complete. Afterwards, you’ll see the “Configure” link appear. Click the “Configure” link, and set your new secret password, to enable access from your Android device.

Next, use Google Play on your Android device to download the nopDroid app. For this test, I’m using my Android phone with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The app is free as the time of this review. Installation is quick and painless; the instructions for configuration and installation of the nopDroidConnector are also on the app, in case you need them.

After entering the nopCommerce server information into the app, you can click “Test Settings” to ensure that the connection is working properly.  After clicking “OK”, you’ll reach a “dashboard” on the app.

This app is by no means a replacement for the full dashboard available via the nopCommerce admin UI, but it does provide easy-to-read access to order information, low product reports, and other information handy to access on the fly.

I’ve had to log into a client’s site using my phone while literally on a highway in the middle of nowhere to correct an order issue; if I’d had this app, the job would have been much simpler. I definitely recommend this for any nopCommerce sites that require additional remote support, or have operators that are commonly on the go.


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